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Fixposition Enables Robots Navigate Agriculture’s Most Challenging Environments

A breakthrough in positioning technology, Fixposition's Vision-RTK 2 provides cost-efficient and accurate real-time global positioning, even in GNSS-degraded areas, propelling the future of full autonomy.

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As robotic technology becomes a staple in modern farming, the need for advanced navigational solutions grows. Agricultural robots and autonomous machinery face unique challenges, from ever-changing environments and conditions to areas with limited cellular and GNSS connectivity. In order to thrive in these environments, robust and precise positioning systems are critical.

Fixposition is at the forefront of this technological evolution, leading to a future of complete autonomy by providing precise global positioning everywhere to agricultural robots and autonomous machinery used in a diversity of industries. Their flagship product, the Vision-RTK 2, exemplifies this commitment. This innovative solution is a fusion of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), inertial measurement units (IMU), and visual odometry, offering unparalleled real-time global positioning. Unlike traditional systems that depend heavily on IMU for dead reckoning, the Vision-RTK 2 leverages a blend of sensor technologies, enhancing reliability and operational scope.

Peter Mardaleichvili, Fixposition's Head of Product Management, highlights the unique advantages of their system. "Our integration of camera systems sets us apart, eliminating the time-dependent drift common in other solutions, especially in GNSS-challenged environments. Our multidisciplinary approach allows seamless transition across varied landscapes, maintaining high accuracy even in GNSS-compromised situations. This not only places us ahead of pricier alternatives but also showcases our innovative edge."

Ease of integration and deployment is another hallmark of the Vision-RTK 2. The Starter Kit, designed for quick adoption in robotic and autonomous systems, includes the sensor, mounting system, Wi-Fi and GNSS-RTK antennas. This ready-to-use package also comes with comprehensive guidance and dedicated support, ensuring a quick setup time.

"Our web interface simplifies sensor configuration and performance monitoring, enabling data recording, log creation, message configuration, and more," says Mardaleichvili. "This user-friendly aspect accelerates our clients' market entry, but the true testament of our system's capabilities is witnessing it in action."

Prospective users will have the opportunity to experience the Vision-RTK 2 at the upcoming World FIRA 2024, scheduled from February 6-8. Fixposition will demonstrate its effectiveness in diverse settings like vineyards, orchards, greenhouses, and other challenging scenarios, including those lacking a GNSS signal.

“Our solution allows customers to concentrate their time and resources on their primary business goals, sparing them the complexity of addressing positioning challenges,” Mardaleichvili adds.“Additionally, our wide array of use cases across various industries prepares our system for unforeseen scenarios, providing OEMs with the assurance to design in our technology faster and in a more cost-effective way. The Vision-RTK 2 is not just a positioning system; it's a catalyst for market success."

Book a free demo of the Vision-RTK 2 by sendind an e-mail to sales@fixposition.com

To see the precise positioning solution in action, visit Fixposition’s booth #40 at World FIRA 2024.

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