Le 21/05/2024

Mach share their experience as a FIRA USA exhibitor

Mach provides the most advanced and commercially proven autonomous solutions in the industry. Their mission is to empower leading OEMs by providing world-class, dynamic solutions in perception, navigation, route planning, monitoring, and connectivity.

As a partner with FIRA USA since 2023, the FIRA Team asked Michal Grinnell, director of business development at MACH to tell us more about their experiences, feedbacks and what they are expecting from this new edition.

Michal Grinnell - MACH

FIRA | You were a partner in the last FIRA USA edition, please share with us your feedback!

MG | FIRA is a great event for automation and autonomy in agriculture. The show in 2023 was informative, and exciting to see where technology is leading toward the future in agricultural applications. Exhibiting allowed Mach to spend time with our current OEM partners, as well as introduce our capabilities and technology to new OEM partners.

FIRA | What do you expect from this new edition?

MG | Mach looks forward to exhibiting at FIRA again to learn about new innovative technologies, have valuable networking opportunities, showcase our products, and demonstrate our technology capabilities. We are also excited to have this opportunity to collaborate with OEMs on new concepts and ideas to bring to the agricultural industry.

FIRA | What does automation in agriculture mean to you?

MG | Agricultural automation and autonomy provide the integration of technology and machinery to help optimize various farming processes, to improve efficiency, productivity, labor challenges, and sustainability in food production. Mach is a leading Tier 1 supplier of off-road automation and autonomy for OEMs in Agriculture. We work with OEMs to provide a more efficient, sustainable, and technology-driven approach to help address the challenges in agriculture today and in the future.

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