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Stout Industrial Technology talks about their FIRA experience

Partner since the first edition of FIRA USA, Stout Industrial Technology supports and is at the front row of each edition. So we asked Quincie Gourley, the Communication Manager of Stout Industrial Technology, to tell us more about their last participation.

Stout is an artificial intelligence company building and selling smart farming implements that use machine vision, a neural network and proprietary AI model to automate labor-intensive field work like weeding. Founded in 2019, Stout has machines with thousands of hours on them in the US and Europe. Each machine cultivates up to 2 acres per hour, removing 25-30 people from the field.

Quincie Gourley - Stout Industrial Technology

FIRA | You were a partner in the last FIRA USA edition, please share with us your feedback!

QG | Participating in the last FIRA USA show and demo was an incredibly valuable experience for Stout Industrial Technologies. The event provided us with a platform to showcase our innovative AI-powered agricultural solutions to a diverse and engaged audience. We made numerous meaningful connections with potential clients, industry experts, and fellow innovators.

The visibility we gained from FIRA USA was remarkable, significantly enhancing our brand presence in the agricultural technology sector. We appreciated the quality of the event, from the well-organized sessions to the high caliber of attendees. Overall, FIRA USA was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of our Smart Cultivator and True Vision technology, leading to a substantial increase in interest and inquiries about our products during the demo.

FIRA | Have you signed a contract at FIRA? If so, how many?

QG | The event was helpful in accelerating our business development efforts and solidifying partnerships, where FIRA USA, facilitated several promising discussions that have since progressed into new business opportunities.

FIRA | What do you expect from this new edition?

QG | For this year’s show and demo, we anticipate further strengthening our industry connections and expanding our client base. We expect to see continued high-quality engagement and interaction with attendees, providing us with valuable insights and feedback on our existing and upcoming products. Our goals include showcasing our advancements in AI-driven agricultural automation and exploring collaborative opportunities where we see fit.

FIRA | What does automation in agriculture mean to you?

QG | Automation in agriculture, to Stout Industrial Technologies, represents giving farmers and growers a solution to a current problem or issue they are facing in their day to day farming practices. Farmers face numerous challenges, including labor shortages, increasing operational costs, and the need to improve crop yields while maintaining environmental stewardship. Our Smart Cultivator address these challenges by providing reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use technology that automates labor-intensive tasks such as weeding and cultivation.

Existing solutions like our Smart Cultivator, True Vision technology, and Smart Rate Fertilizer exemplify the practical application of AI in agriculture. These tools help farmers identify and manage weeds more effectively, leading to healthier crops and better yields. Automation in agriculture is not about replacing human labor; it’s about providing a solution for growers where there is a problem.

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