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Robots are now working in our farms. Find out more about latest news regarding robots manufacturers: functionalities, case examples, experimentations, new entrants, farmers' testimonials...

International Forum of Agricultural Robotics

The FIRA is the world expert leading event series focused on the new era agriculture is facing and with a huge impact on the whole value chain: Robotics.

Since 2016, FIRA has been the Expert Leading event dedicated to Agricultural Robotics. You are working and interested in better understanding how agriculture is evolving? Join the Agriculture new deal!


Keep up with the technology impacting agriculture and its ecosystem/value chain. Learn more about the latest innovations and solutions for the development of agricultural robots: AI, software, batteries, drones, deep learning, data collection… and many others !

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The world is now facing a major challenge: to feed a fast growing population with quality food, by reducing the environmental impact of agriculture. Find out how agricultural robotics can be part of the solution.

GOFAR | Global Organization For Agricultural Robotics

The GOFAR non-profit organization undertakes to promote and develop the agricultural robotics sector at international level. Like Robagri, whose objective is to facilitate the technical development of agricultural robots, GOFAR meets the increasing need for visibility and networking of the agricultural robotics sector.

GOFAR therefore aims to organize the meeting between the relevant stakeholders, and to support them by taking an active part in the development of the agricultural robotics market hence implementing a promotional campaign of international scale (organization of events, production of actions of communication and participation of trade fairs in France and abroad).


Discover agricultural robotics market outlooks, everywhere in the world, and how the industry needs to get organized through new business models and distribution networks.


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🇺🇸#WFIRA21 is addressing global agriculture challenges through robotics, with solutions needed by @ucanr in #California #Agriculture to address climate change and food security♻🤖 💻Watch out for them on: #robot #agriculture #food #climate #agtech #USA
October 22, 2021
Don’t miss this! 👏 🎥 The part 2 of the field robot catalogue series of @futurefarming_ is out. Watch how 15 farming robots perform agricultural work in their latest video. 🤖🌱 #robot #agriculture #agtech #farm
October 22, 2021
As labour becomes scarcer in rural #Asia, robots offer an exciting opportunity for small family #farms🌱 @Grow_Asia will be at #WFIRA21 to unearth #robots that deliver value for their region🤖 💻Check out for more info on: #agriculture #agtech #GrowAsia
October 22, 2021

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