The International Forum of Agricultural Robotics

The world expert event in Agricultural Robotics

Since 2016, FIRA has been the Expert Leading event dedicated to Agricultural Robotics. You are working and interested in better understanding how agriculture is evolving? Join the Agriculture new deal!

To face the particular context, FIRA innovates and goes virtual.

The FIRA is the world expert leading event series focused on the new era agriculture is facing and with a huge impact on the whole value chain: Robotics.

Until now, the expert event was hosted in Toulouse. For its 5th year and due to the particular context, FIRA goes virtual and aims to gather 3000+ attendees worldwide; this is a big chance for the industry to become more appealing and give the opportunity to every ag robotics addict from anywhere in the world to take part in this revolution.

Robot manufacturers, agricultural businesses, producers, investors, suppliers and entrepreneurs from all over the world will meet online.

Conferences and round tables


Exhibition Zone

Scientific Workshops



1# Share the field issues

2# More than 3000 participants

3# Foster collaboration between international players

4# Display the latest innovations

Why attend FIRA 2020?

This year, wherever you are in the world, take part to the Ag Robolution, and make the great growth of agricultural robotics possible through knowledge sharing and meetings.

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