Le 16/06/2020

Farming can become fully electric with a reliable lithium-ion battery

When we are dealing with agricultural robotics, we talk about machines, applications, tools, functionalities... Battery is not on the top of the list of interest. However we may define agricultural robotics as machines that must, above all, be autonomous.

Starting from this point, battery becomes a major stake in any robotics development project. In this growing market, with needs that are still being defined, every manufacturer has to face the question of the choice of battery. The critical issue is to answer both the autonomy of the machine in a specific context as well as the problem of charging and storage.

For Varta Storage, developing new batteries means, above all, meeting the specific needs of each user, of each new market.

Regarding agricultural robotics, Varta’s ambition is to be a sustainable partner of the growth of this new market. By developing batteries using Lithium-ion technology, they offer a reliable and sustainable solution while continuing to invest in the development of new generations of batteries dedicated to robots and supporting AgTechs start-ups in solutions that meet short-term needs, with a «standard» range and long-term custom solutions.

Explanation by Gordon CLEMENT, General Manager - Power & Energy at VARTA Storage GmbH.