Le 30/06/2020

3D vision can improve the autonomy of robots

An autonomous machine is defined, among other things, by two major features: its energy and its capacity for decision-making and adaptability to a particular context.

For IFM Electronic, specialized in automation and perception, autonomy brings major issues under the spotlight that need to be solved:

  • collision prediction with resolution level
  • guidance and navigation
  • dimensional control
  • perception of the object, the subject

However, solving these problems must take into account three main variables: the environment, organic matter and infrastructure.

In this context, 3D vision appears to be a solution that adresses properly autonomy issues while taking into account the various variables. Indeed, 3D vision brings to the machine a secure navigation and an angular perspective allowing easy interpretation and therefore decision making.

Already available in the agricultural robotics market, the range of technologies provided by IFM Electronic supports manufacturers and helps to make machines even more autonomous