Le 25/01/2022

AgRobotics Land: the new brand for the agricultural robotics ecosystem in Southern France

The south-east of Toulouse, in France, is the barycentre of the national ecosystem of agricultural robotics: among the 120 players listed on the AgRobotics-land.com website, more than fifty are part of the SICOVAL territory. Digital technology and robotics are among the first levers of innovation used by the members of the Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation competitiveness cluster.

The south-east of Toulouse is "the place to be" for players in agricultural robotics, a dynamic area in the heart of one of the leading agricultural regions:

  • which saw the birth of the World FIRA - international forum for agricultural robotics - and which has supported it since its origin
  • offering a remarkable range of skills: creators of technological solutions, research and training players, demonstration areas, agricultural operators, competitiveness clusters and specialized clusters...
  • home to true pioneers who are now among the world leaders
  • connected to the regional, national and international ecosystem

To support the development of French agricultural robotics, Sicoval (Community of conurbations located in the south east of Toulouse, in the heart of the leading agrifood region of France) and Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation* are officially launching AgRobotics Land.

Under this common identity, the aim is to assert the leadership shared with the region's players: pioneers and players of international standing (Naïo Technologies, AgreenCulture, for example), suppliers of cutting-edge technologies, research and teaching institutions (including the French National Institute for Research on Agriculture, Food and the Environment (INRAE) and the Toulouse INP-ENSAT agricultural engineering school), as well as producers' organizations (crops, livestock, wine, fruit and vegetables. ..) enthusiastically adopting innovative agritech solutions.

AgRobotics Land embodies the dynamics of southeast Toulouse, positioned as the center of gravity of agricultural robotics open to the French and international ecosystem.

A mapping of the expertise offered by the territory was presented at the World FIRA on December 7-9, 2021 in Labège, on a dedicated stand. This inventory is available on the AgRobotics-Land.com website.

Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, SICOVAL and FIRA are currently working on the development of AgRobotics Land through company visits and field demonstrations that will contribute to the development of this community of actors in connection with their local stakeholders, both farmers and inhabitants.

*Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation is an innovation hub whose members are committed to growing ecology-smart agrifood chains.

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