Le 10/06/2020

AgTechCentric makes new technologies accessible for farmers and industrials.

Australia has a long history in mechanization: in Melbourne they developed the first harvester and it was quite a revolutionary technology, and Australia became more productive.

Rohan Rainbow, CEO of AgtechCentric, asks the following questions regarding these new technologies:

- How is it going to make a difference in farmers' business?

- How is it going to give them confidence?

Now, as a government adviser, Rohan Rainbow tries to help industries to have access to new technologies, particularly in crop protection, and as a national investment manager.

With no support, australian farmers have to be very productive and efficient. So when they find a technology that works, there is a very high adoption level.

Here are the considerations for farm autonomy in Australia:

- Australia is at the forefront of practice improvement for farming systems,

- Labour cost and availability are key drivers,

- Precedence of widespread mining autonomy in Australia,

- Few regulatory barriers for agricultural machine autonomy,

- An industry code of practice for farm autonomy is currently in development.

In addition to these considerations, Australia is a market that is ready, with the possibility to incubate and run practical experience of robots in crops, furthermore Australia’s objective is to remove the operator from the field.

Rohan Rainbow explains !

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