Le 28/09/2022

Aigro UP: Weeding at tree cultivation

Aigro created the UP to keep the weed away at tree cultivation, orchard or even horticulture. The small electrical powered weeding robot is able to navigate autonomously, also below the trees.

Weeding mechanism

The tine harrow behind the traction-wheels are removing the weed. The different rows of the tine harrow are closed narrow, however due to making a zig-zag movement continuously the limited space and slower (than tractor) driving speed are designed to be compensated.

Working day

The robot can do up to 10 hours on a battery pack. If conditions are though, it may vary. In any case, the batteries are swappable and therefore long working days should not be an issue. The machine is targeted for a 5 to 10 hectare field.

Set-up the route

The set-up of the robot is easy by any device, since Aigro is using a webapplication. The robot can be instructed by ‘walking the robot around’ in the field or by already known GPS data. The photos and video shown here are made at a tree-field where the trees are planted with GPS data, therefore this is an example field to reuse the GPS data from the drill-machine used for it.

About Aigro

Aigro is a start-up in The Netherlands, driven by technical people that want to make an ecological positive impact. With the first model running in 2021, now Aigro is already commencing at their launching customers.

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