Le 03/05/2024

B1 & F1 by Verdant Robotics

Verdant's multi-crop & multi-action platform provides unprecedented savings by combining decades of advancements in computer vision, artificial intelligence, robotics, GPS-denied navigation, chemistry and soil & plant sciences. Their platform maps and remembers every cm of every plant and sprays them with precision, accuracy, frequency, and scale never before possible -- delivering ROI from day one.


Name of the Company: Verdant Robotics, Inc.

Country: United States

Date of creation of the company: 2018

Core business: Verdant provides massive labor and chemical savings via digitization and mm-accurate robotic spraying.

Sales Contact: Curtis Garner

Sales Contact Email: curtis@verdantrobotics.com

Website: www.VerdantRobotics.com


Robot Name: B1 (20ft implement), F1 (40ft implement)

Level of development: Marketed

Crop type:

  • Vegetables
  • Field Crops

Number of robots in service: 8

Functions and features: Hyperprecision sprayer

Power: 48v DC

Size: 40 ich swath width | 1 220 cm swath width

Net weight: 3,000 lbs (dry) 4,000 lbs (wet) | 6,614 kg (dry) 8,819 kg (wet)

Productivity: 100 acres per day

Embedded technologies: GPS-denied navigation, spatial-AI, machine learning

Business Model: Robot as a Service

Pricing: Custom

Next development phase: Scaling manufacturing

B1 & F1 in motion