Le 16/06/2020

Benefits of High Precision weeding

Ecorobotix is a Swiss based agricultural robot manufacturer.

Their mission is to develop and manufacture high precision weeding robots.

When speaking of high precision weeding, Ecorobotix means:

1- Recognition of each specie: crops and weed species, to map precisely each plant location;

2- The size of spraying pixels: the best time is at an early stage;

3- Accuracy: as the camera is positioned approximately one metre before the sprayer, the robot movement needs to be highly accurate to spray at the right time;

4- The spraying pattern:it requires to be as precise as possible to not spray on the crops;

5- Output of the robot.

What are the benefits of high precision weeding, aka "spot spraying"?

  • Less chemicals sprayed
  • On row spraying
  • Less phytotoxicity, and thus higher yields.

Claude Juriens, Business Manager at Ecorobotix, explains.

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