Le 21/05/2020

How to check whether your innovation actually meet the farmers’ and sectors’ needs?

Accelerating innovation and skills and facilitating access to an environment and a market are the main support objectives proposed by Agronov, the French innovation hub in agro-ecology.

For Agronov, supporting innovative companies and start-ups in agriculture is talking about evidence.

The first evidence is that innovation is above all an invention that meets a market. This is all the more important for disruptive innovation.

A second evidence is the knowledge of the market in which the innovation will be proposed. A complex question in a virtuous circle that takes into account a multitude of parameters: the need of the farmers, the segmentation of these needs, the needs and pressures of the sector which itself responds to the needs and pressures of the societal, environmental and political environments.

Supporting innovative companies and start-ups in agriculture also means talking about innovation processes that become complex for disruptive innovation.

How to stay in line with the market during the development phase? What is the right time-to-market? What is the sustainability of my technology on the market?...

Agronov’s mission is to ensure that every stage of innovation development corresponds to the market.

Fanny BOUCHIRE, partnership director of Agronov, explains.

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