Le 23/06/2023

2Be by Edete

Edete is solving the world’s ever-growing crop pollination challenge with a high-efficiency Precision Pollination as a Service (PPaS) that provides companies and growers with an optimal and controllable pollination solution.

By overcoming the challenges of deficiencies of erratic and dwindling insect-based pollination, and climate change-induced desynchronizing bloom of male and female trees or of different varieties, required for cross-pollination, Edete’s Precision Pollination solution has already been proven to increase the yield of almond and pistachio orchards, and more crops will soon be addressed.


Name of the Company: Edete

Country: United States

Date of creation of the company: 2016

Core business: Edete provide precision pollination services to the almond and pistachio industries.

Sales Contact: Ed Surber

Sales Contact Email: ed.surber@edetepta.com

Website: https://www.edetepta.com/


Robot Name: 2Be

Level of development: Marketed

Crops of the robot:

  • Orchards

Number of robots in service: 8

Functions and features: The 2Be pollinator will autonomously apply the precise amount of pollen to a tree. The pollen amount is derived from the speed of the tractor and delivered through pressurized tubes surrounded by a small fan. The pollen is also provided an electrostatic charge increasing the probability of pollination to occur.

Power: PTO drive from the tractor that pulls the machine through the orchard

Size: 25' x 7.5' x 8'

Net weight: 6,000 lbs

Productivity: 1,350-1,800 acres per season

Embedded technologies: N/A

Business Model: Precision Pollination as a Service (PPaS). We bring high quality pollen (clean & viable) directly to the field and apply it precisely and at the right time to increase and secure yield.

Pricing: Per acre

Next development phase: The next phase of the design is a more compact version of the machine.

2Be in motion