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AFARA Cotton Picker Robot by AFARA AgriTech

The AFARA Cotton Picker is a pioneering innovation in cotton harvesting, specifically designed to collect residual cotton left after the initial harvest. It operates semi-autonomously with a 99.8% detection rate, ensuring thorough post-harvest collection. Efficient at 3 km/h, it reduces labor needs while focusing on sustainability by minimizing waste and carbon footprint. Additionally, it gathers crop and soil data, aiding in informed farming decisions. Compatible with traditional harvesters and competitively priced, AFARA excels in diverse field conditions, redefining efficiency and sustainability in cotton farming.


Name of the Company: AFARA AgriTech

Country: Turkiye

Date of creation of the company: March, 2023

Core business: Providing advanced, efficient cotton harvesting by targeting residual crops with the AFARA Cotton Picker Robot.

Sales Contact: Omer Muratli

Sales Contact Email: omer@afara.com.tr

Website: https://afara.com.tr/


Robot Name: AFARA Cotton Picker Robot

Level of development: Marketed

Crop type: Field Crops

Number of robots in service: 0

Functions and features: The AFARA Cotton Picker Robot specializes in collecting residual cotton left after initial harvesting. Key features include advanced computer vision for precise cotton detection and a vacuum technology-based collection system. This robot is designed to improve harvest efficiency, reduce waste, and support sustainable farming practices by ensuring more complete cotton collection. It's an innovative solution for enhancing productivity and sustainability in cotton farming.

Power: Electric energy

Size: 98 x 55 x 67 inch | 249 x 140 x 170 cm

Net weight: 2,645.5 lbs | 1,200 kg

Productivity: In 6 hours, Afara Cotton Picker Robot covers 6.23 acres, harvesting around 114.5 kg of cotton from just 5% assumed residual.

Embedded technologies: The AFARA Cotton Picker Robot features advanced imaging for cotton boll detection, a smart embedded system for precise chimney movement, and LiDAR for field navigation.

Business Model: Sales, Leasing, Service, Spare Parts, Big Data

Pricing: On request

Next development phase: Improving picking and packing efficiency

Afara Cotton Picker in motion