Le 21/03/2024

Alpha A900 by Alpha Unmanned Systems

Alpha Unmanned Systems is a helicopter UAV platform developer whose platforms can fly longer and carry heavier payloads than similarly sized UAVs thanks to their reliable fuel-powered engines.

Alpha’s international clients include the world's largest defense companies who use its systems particularly for border control and maritime surveillance. International sales have been made directly from Alpha to end-users and through international sales agents.

Alpha is committed to designing and manufacturing drones that weigh under 25 kg, that are reliable, safe, versatile and “weatherproof.”


Name of the Company: Alpha Unmanned Systems

Country: Spain

Date of creation of the company: 2014

Core business: Tactical UAV Helicopters

Sales Contact: Juan Porcuna

Sales Contact Email: jporcuna@alphaunmannedsystems.com

Website: https://alphaunmannedsystems.com/


Robot Name: Alpha A900

Level of development: Marketed

Crop types:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Vineyards
  • Field Crops
  • Livestock

Number of robots in service: 0

Functions and features: The A900 can be used for many missions, from ISR and border control to infrastructure inspections, communications relays and urgent logistics. Its electronic system is protected against electromagnetic interference. The A900 has an onboard generator that provides up to 150W of power for power-intensive payloads, a laser altimeter, navigation lights and technology designed to enable navigation in GPS denied environments.

Power: Fuel

Size: 100 x 18,5 x 24 inch | 254 x 47 x 61 cm

Net weight: 41.89 lbs | 19 kg

Embedded Technologies: Autorotation, autopilot, 150W onboard generator, 4kg payload capacity, bixer low vibration engine, redundant critical systems

Business Model: Drone & associated systems selling, tailored tech services and solutions

Pricing: On demand

Alpha A900 in motion