Le 31/05/2024

Jo by Naïo Technologies

Naïo Technologies is a French start-up, a pioneer and global leader in agricultural robotics. Created just over ten years ago by two passionate engineers from the agricultural sector, Gaëtan Séverac and Aymeric Barthes, Naïo Technologies is convinced that it is possible to respect and celebrate our heritage while daring to shape the future and our ecological transition towards a more environmentally friendly precision agriculture that respects ecosystems and humans. That is why Naïo develops 100% electric and autonomous robots that allow farmers to focus on higher value-added tasks (and leave the robot to take care of tasks such as sowing or weeding), reduce the labor intensity of work or even compensate for the lack of manpower.

Naïo Technologies delivers robots worldwide for vegetable and row-crop farmers (Oz and Orio) but also for winegrowers (Ted and Jo). The navigation system manages work missions with RTK GPS centimetric accuracy. Mainly used for weeding, they achieve other tasks (e.g. seeding) to fit their customers' needs.

Naïo Technologies launched Augmented Autonomy end of 2023 for all its range. This CE Certified safety system allows field work without on site supervision.


Name of the Company: Naïo Technologies

Country: France

Date of creation of the company: November 2011

Core business: We deliver 100% electric and autonomous robots that allow farmers to focus on higher value-added tasks

Sales Contact: Matthias Carrière

Sales Contact Email: sales@naio-technologies.com

Website: www.naio-technologies.com


Robot Name: Jo

Level of development: Marketed

Crop type:

  • Berries
  • Vineyards
  • Orchards
  • Aromatic Plants
  • Nursery garden

Number of robots in service: 25

Functions and features: Jo is able to tackle weeds on the row and between rows with a single pass, Jo can also set furrows with RTK GPS positioning. Narrow vines are not the only crop where this electric crawler can achieve big things. Its low compaction design will help caring about the soil in plots of fir trees, fruit trees, tree nurseries and more. Jo comes with a 5-year warranty.

Power: Electric

Size: 80 x 27 x 80 in | 200 x 70 x 200 cm

Net weight: 1750 pounds | 850 kg

Productivity: Up to 10 h/day

Embedded technologies: RTK GPS, Augmented Autonomy to work without on site supervision

Business Model: Through dealer network

Pricing: on request

Next development phase: Not to be unveiled now

Jo and the Naïo Technologies range in motion