Le 23/06/2023

RoboCut360 by Leger SAS

LEGER SAS is the leader in design and manufacturing of machinery for the vine, the plum and the hazelnut growing since more than 40 years. We are located in Cancon (Lot-et-Garonne) in the south west of France, the French hazelnut capital and the main region of « pruneaux d’Agen » production.


Name of the Company: Leger SAS

Country: France

Date of creation of the company: 1981

Core business: fruit arboriculture machinery manufacturer

Sales Contact: Didier Gamarde

Sales Contact Email: dgamarde@legersas.com

Website: www.legersas.com


Robot Name: RoboCut360

Level of development: Prototype

Crops of the robot:

  • Orchards

Number of robots in service: 0

Functions and features: RoboCut360 enables the arborists to manage their orchard without any use of pesticides and with a limited number of staff. It is a self propelled and self driving vehicle equiped with the EcoCut360 head enabling to prune the suckers located around the fruit trees feet once only. A weeding head as well as a mulcher can be mounted on the tool holder in order to weed the soil between the trees and in the aisle.

Power: Fuel

Size: 146 x 71 x 55 cm

Net weight: 800 kg

Productivity: 3,7 acres/hour

Embedded technologies: LIDAR

Business Model: Sale

Pricing: On request

Next development phase: To produce the commercial version