Le 17/04/2024

TeleFarmer™️ 120 by Agtonomy

Agtonomy is a leading software and services company specializing in advanced autonomous and AI solutions for agriculture. We address the pressing challenges of labor scarcity, sustainability, and shrinking profit margins faced by farmers. With strategic partnerships with renowned equipment OEMs, including Bobcat, we embed our “smarts” in tractors and implements, driving digital transformation and offering commercial-scale solutions. Our experienced team combines expertise in product development, high-tech innovation, and agriculture, ensuring we deliver transformative change to the industry. Agtonomy is dedicated to solving the unique challenges faced by farmers and enabling sustainable and profitable agricultural practices.


Name of the Company: Agtonomy

Country: United States

Date of creation of the company: 2021

Core business: Agtonomy is a software and services company specializing in advanced autonomous and AI solutions for agriculture.

Sales Contact Email: info@agtonomy.com

Website: https://www.agtonomy.com/


Robot Name: TeleFarmer™️ 120

Level of development: Proof of concept

Crop types:

  • Fruits
  • Berries
  • Vineyards
  • Orchards

Number of robots in service: 10

Functions and features: TeleFarmer™️ is an innovative, technology-enabled solution that offers a range of tools designed to make farming more efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. The solution is comprised of the TeleFarmer™ Software - Innovative software that turns a tractor into a remotely operated vehicle. The TeleFarmer™ Service - A powerful app that puts farmers in control. They can Plan, execute and report on every field mission from anywhere. And the TeleFarmer™ Reference Vehicle - A fully electric, reference tractor that executes labor-intensive field missions such as mowing, spraying, transport, and weeding.

Power: Electric Power

Size: Configurable - 82-102 length, 44-66 width, 52-68 height inch | Configurable - 208-259 length, 112-168 width, 132-173 height in cm

Net weight: 2900 lbs | 1315 kg

Productivity: Varies depending on type of task being done

Embedded technologies: TeleFarmer™️ utilizes a NVIDIA platform with a proprietary Agtonomy designed autonomous stack.

Business Model: Agtonomy has strategically forged partnerships with OEMs in the tractor & implement markets, positioning Agtonomy at the forefront of the ongoing digital transformation. By partnering with these companies and embedding “smarts” the equipment, Agtonomy is quickly working towards commercial scale.

Pricing: Pricing will be determined by the OEMs.

Next development phase: Agtonomy is working on enhancing workload operations on the farm.

TeleFarmer™️ 120 in motion