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EXXACT Robotics specialises in precision farming solutions. It brings together a panel of experts in mechatronics, on-board and precision electronics, artificial intelligence and agronomy, who contribute to the development of new solutions dedicated to agriculture. The company's aim is to invest in solutions for autonomous agricultural vehicles and perception of their environment, with a view to addressing issues specific to wine growing and arable farming. The challenge is to provide sustainable solutions to the major changes taking place in agriculture, with the reduction in the use of plant protection products and the development of new practices requiring high-precision spraying.


Name of the Company: EXXACT ROBOTICS

Country: FRANCE

Date of creation of the company: 21/10/2019

Core business: EXXACT Robotics specialises in precision farming solutions: autonomous straddle tractors, detection tools

Sales Contact: Guillaume PAIRE

Sales Contact Email: guillaume.paire@exxact-robotics.com

Website: https://exxact-robotics.com/en/


Robot Name: TRAXX

Level of development: Prototype

Crop types: Vineyards

Number of robots in service: 3

Functions and features: Autonomous straddle robot for wine-growing Used for soil cultivation (discs, inter-row blades, kress stars) and spraying with confined recovery panels 110-litre diesel engine Low-pressure tyres to limit soil compaction Standard chassis: 112 cm track/155 cm clearance under tunnel (165 cm option) Wide chassis: 140 cm track/155 cm clearance under tunnel (165 cm option) Average fuel consumption: 3 to 4 liters/hour

Power: 56 cv

Size: 124.41 X 61.02 X 78.74 in | 314,96 x 154,94 x 198,12 cm

Net weight: 3968.3 lbs | 1800 kg

Productivity: Autonomy between 30h and 35h

Embedded technologies: Autonomous navigation Obstacle detection

Business Model: Exxact Robotics develops and innovates for the Exel Industries group. The products are then marketed by our group and its various subsidiaries.

Pricing: Not defined

Next development phase: Getting to market

TRAXX in motion