Le 24/05/2023

ARA by Ecorobotix

ARA is a high-precision sprayer developed by Ecorobotix, which enables the ultra-targeted application of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides or fertilizers. ARA plant-by-plant treatment reduces chemical and water use up to 95% and drift by 90% while increasing crop yields thanks to phytotoxicity avoidance from selective products normally used. ARA improves the profitability of your farm, while adhering to environmental regulations.


Name of the Company: Ecorobotix SA

Country: Switzerland

Date of creation of the company: 2014

Core business: ultra precision agriculture

Sales Contact: Jose MARCHETTI

Sales Contact Email: jose.marchetti@ecorobotix.com

Website: www.ecorobotix.com


Robot Name: The ultra-high precision smart sprayer ARA

Level of development: Marketed

Number of robots in service: Numbers are not public

Functions and features: Ultra-high precision spraying for herbicides, fungicides and insecticides thanks to a spray 1 footprint of only 2.3x2.3 in.

Power: towed

Size: working width 19.7 ft

Net weight: 2558 pounds

Productivity: 10 acres/hour, up to 240 acres/day (24 hours)

Embedded technologies: Ecorobotix plant-by-plant care using AI 1) SENSE Plant detection with cameras 2) DECIDE Crop analysis through AI/ML 3)ACT Ultra-high precision spraying

Business Model: Ecorobotix CO2 reduction potential / to be seen in the annexes

Pricing: on request

Next development phase: new crops

ARA in motion