Le 27/05/2020

How to choose your energy storage system for a robotic application?

PowerTech Systems is a French company manufacturing lithium, lithium-iron-phosphate batteries.

To choose your battery, you must take into account several elements to define your need for a battery pack:

- The capacity, of course,

- The voltage, depending on the applications - for robotics, you have to switch to 24 or 48 V because the power requirements for the motors in particular are higher.

- The volume.

- The power: for the lithium battery, you must take into account the BMS - battery management system, the electronic part of the battery that ensures its duration.

The other key element is the choice of technology: there are many, from the oldest (lead acid batteries, heavy and small capacity) to the most recent, such as lithium polymer.

There are many elements to take into account when choosing your battery pack. PowerTech Systems presents its lithium-iron-phosphate battery solutions.