Le 28/05/2020

Manufacturing challenges that agricultural robots are facing

In many cases, the development of a company leads, to a reluctance, a rigidity, too much “standardization” that hinders its creativity, its boldness and its innovation. Its industrial project was too closely aligned with the design office and then through purchasing, the company moved away from business practices, which led to high costs and technical problems.

Based on this analysis, the company GOUBIER, specialized in industrial sheet metal, makes its knowledge and expertise available to its customers to support them with their projects. From design sketches, they advise on budgeting to work on cost and product savings, and thus optimize the industrial project.

Because the company is sensitive to innovation and because agriculture is part of its DNA (The company GOUBIER started its activity in the 70s by offering products for arboriculture), the firm offers a co-construction with robot manufacturers to implement a partnership approach that adapts both to the technical needs of the robot and to the future vision of the market.

Didier BOURGUET, Director of GOUBIER, explains.