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Monterey Bay DART gives its take on FIRA USA

Host of the first-ever Drone Pavilion during FIRA USA 2023, Monterey Bay DART supports the growth of good-fit, climate-smart drone, automation, and robotics technology (DART) businesses by supporting site location searches, implementing innovative workforce development programs, leading and advocating for critical supportive infrastructure, and engaging in proactive policy development.

FIRA asked Abigail Scott, at Monterey Bay Dart, to tell us more about their experiences and how they are feeling about this new edition.

Abigail Scott - Monterey Bay DART

FIRA | You were a partner in the last FIRA USA edition, please share with us your feedback!

AS | Monterey Bay DART is thrilled to return to FIRA USA - the premier event for autonomous farming and agricultural robotics. We are forever grateful for the unparalleled opportunity to connect with industry titans and showcase cutting-edge technology made possible by this event. As host of the 2023 Drone Pavilion, this provided our exhibitors with a powerful platform to present their innovative solutions, enhance brand awareness, and foster relationships.

FIRA | What do you expect from this new edition?

AS | Monterey Bay DART is thrilled to partner with HawkTower to host the 2024 Drone Pavilion at the upcoming FIRA-USA 2024. We are anticipating an even more collaborative, intentionally-designed pavilion space, and will be making efforts to connect with a global audience in the agricultural robotics industry.

FIRA | What does automation in agriculture mean to you?

AS | The agricultural industry stands at the nexus of tradition and innovation, with the integration of drones and other field-based automation technologies offering immense potential for efficiency and sustainability. However, realizing this potential hinges on overcoming workforce challenges through targeted training, skill development initiatives, and a holistic approach to talent acquisition. By addressing these challenges head-on, the industry can position itself for future success in the era of agricultural automation and data-driven agriculture.

More information about Monterey Bay DART

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